PlanningWhether you are expanding, upgrading or moving, we can help with system design, specifications and procurement.  We can help you find the right infrastructure, hardware, software and services to suit your needs. 
Installation - We will confirm that you received what you ordered, configure the system as you planned, test performance and show you how to operate it.
Support - Some companies have a full time IT staff.  If you have come to us, that may not be the case.  Some companies have employees designated to manage their systems in addition to regular administrative or production work.  We can train them and fill in at what ever level you wish.  
Recruitment - If you are hiring staff to help with IT or perhaps your system has grown beyond what you can outsource with us, we can help you identify the right candidates for the job.  It can be a challenge to manage technical workers.  We can help you with that too.  We have even served on automation committees. 
Security - Keeping an information system safe from attack is a countinuous process of recognizing threats and making the appropriate preparations and defensive adjustments.  Even after making preparations, many government and business systems experience the effects of malware, break-ins, theft and disasters. In addition to taking defensive precautions, your organization needs to have mechanisms in place to recover.  We receive threat assesments daily and share relevent information with our clients.  We recommend security measures as we plan new systems and we propose changes when its appropriate.
Upgrades & Migrations - Two words that strike fear in the minds of many.  It often begins with the need to replace old or outdated systems.  It would be nice if we could just copy everything from the old computers to new ones, but its never that easy - You have to build your system with new hardware and software.  Next comes the migration where, the data has to be modified somewhere in the process.  We have seen and done many of these operations.  Cloud services are easy to sign up for.  The real work comes when it is time to migrate your data.  We have done this for others and will do it for you.